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Dr: Tell me all yours complaints

Pt: I got burns  by silencer on my leg since then having itching, but it soon got healed and then the same itching started on my hands , whole body is having small eruptions , the same are present on my thigs, having severe itching.

I feel bit discomfort to sit in my shop, couldn’t able to answer to everyone, many are asking, so am sitting back of my shop

These eruptions are spreading bit faster, feels scared because of these eruptions, many are asking regarding this problem.

If I feel tension it I’ll start itching, if I think or feel irritated I get this itching.

I got debts of nearly 20 lacs I feel that because of that tensions I got this problem.

My sleep also got disturbed as the itching is more intense during night time and as well as shop tensions.

As my 1st Homoeo physician said that this is psoriasis since then I was panicked.

If the money lender calls me means I’ll get fear.

I’ll have lot of business tensions also

At times I eat lot and at times ill not eat anything, if I be active by playing cricket or by running I’ll be free in mind and body.

I feel tensed that someone may say something.

If I play cricket I feel less tensed and ill free from any kind of thoughts, my brother borrowed 18 lacs , as lenders are asking money I arranged some amount to him based on interest if those persons called me means I’ll feel bit tensed.

I do every work in very fast hurried manner, if my parents are not well means I feel anxious and get an appointment to them in a hurried manner.

Am having this hurriedness since my childhood.

I fear that the eruptions may spread to my face, having severe hair loss, for every small trifle things i think much, I feel much hurriedness, I feel that every work should be completed in a short and fast manner, you can observe that even my talk is also in a hurried manner.

Always in a fear state that all these issues I’ll be knowing in my home.

Dr: what else

Pt: I fear that I may get bit more obese, so in a very hurried manner I walk and run, even now I fell tensed that what you may say to me.

Dr: what bothers you the most?

Pt: I feel tensed a lot sir.

Dr: for what?

Pt: regarding amount sir, I lost amount in cricket betting, even while watching cricket match I feel tensed, I need to give money to many people,.

I fear that someone may criticise me, that someone may say something to me.

Dr: meaning…

Pt: I fear that someone may scold me, if the money lender sees me means i fear that how to answer him, at that time I get much tension.

Dr: tell me in detail about this.

Pt: I fear that someone may tongue slip on me, I keep on think that I shouldn’t borrow money hereafter.

If my mother visits any function means I fear and get tensed that someone may look down on her.

Dr: tongue loose, saying something, and looking down meaning.

Pt:  I feel anxious that someone may say something, or someone may scold me or someone may think something about me.

Dr: what some one would think about.

Pt: that’s it this person got finished,

He cannot give money and I think all these rubbish things.

Dr: what if they think like that.

Pt: I  fear that I may get look down, I feel that I may get cheaper , I feel I may lose my respect.

Dr: looking down means (chulakana avvadam in telugu)

Pt: if I didn’t pay interest means they may think that he’s finished in his life, that he’s is going apply for I.P (insolvency petition), I became like

This because I am greedy about money, if the money lender call me means I fear that he may come today, I think how to give money to this person by the same time I fear that he shouldn’t scold or humiliate me, I always expect respect from others..

Though I am earning but my money is losing from me how hard I restrict it, it’s losing from me

Dr: yea we were speaking about looking down just tell about this.

Pt: if in my market if people came to know that this fellow doesn’t have money means my relations will not come to me, and I fear that these people may spread this message to many people. I fear that all might be knowing.

Dr: what happens if everyone came to know means?

Pt: Still more they I’ll look down at me, that in a span of moment that they may something.

Dr: experience at that moment

Pt: extreme fear in me , that this news may spread to everyone, I become restless, move here and there , I fear that I cannot face my friends & I fear that my friends may not approach me , and my at most fear is that this news may spread to my wife.

Dr: bit more at that moment

Pt: I’ll walk fast, at that time I think that at this moment I should solve all the debts.



Dr: what all dreams do you get?

That something is happening to mother in health wise, that she is dying.

Dr: that something is happening means

Pt: that her health got ruined, that she is dying.

Dr: what exactly touched you in that dream?

Pt: that she is about to die.

Dr: experience at that moment in the dream

Pt: extreme fear and anxiety. Feels restless and wakes from bed…


Materia medica understanding

From Roger Morrison (desktop guide)

Vithoulkas uses the term “insecurity” to describe the essence of this remedy, by which he means that the patient has an often overwhelming sense of vulnerability in the world and fear for his wellbeing and material security.

Anxiety:  in the early phase the most marked emotional symptoms are irritability, criticism, and discontent. The patient is proper and conservative, often involved in a large, secure church community. As the insecurity becomes more extensive, the patient develops anxiety and frightening panic attacks with trembling, restlessness and great desire for company and reassurance. The patient’s anxiety is most often focused on health issues.

Dependency: he is dependent on his family and therefore very anxious about their wellbeing.

Avarice: the patient develops avarice and fear of poverty.


From column 15

The structure is being eroded.it is falling apart and its integrity cannot be preserved. Careful and see how much and for how long it can be preserved.

Prescription :-



1) Arsenicum Album 200/ 1 DOSE.

2) S.L 14 DAYS.


Itching and eruptions got worse, but mentally he feels much better, calmness in mind, restlessness reduced


1) S.L /14 days

2) Azaridacta ointemnt external (s.o.s)


Eruptions and itching feels better, reducing from above downwards, sleep better, but eruptions on foot is much irritating at night

Rx: 1) S.L 1month


Itching worse at night

Rx: Ars alb 0/3 – 10 days / daily once in the morning.

From 2022 April to 2023 April he stopped medicines


Eruptions on body resolved completely but at times severe itching on elbows and foot.


Rx: Arsenicum album 0/3- 10days/once in the morning.


Before treatment


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